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Soccer - Jersey - Female

Soccer - Jersey - Female

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  • A personalized masterpiece, combining your chosen colors, name, and number for a truly unique look.
  • With impeccable attention to detail, the jersey showcases your individual style and passion for the game, making you stand out on the field.
  • Send us the design which you believe is going to work out really well.


  • Polyester - A synthetic fiber, durable, resistance to shrinking and wrinkles, and moisture-wicking properties, and lightweight.
  • Interlock - A type of double-knit fabric , tightly woven , has smooth texture, durable, good moisture-wicking properties and keep the wearer dry and comfortable.
  • Three-Tuc Mesh - A type of mesh fabric, a unique texture and design, with three raised ridges running across the surface.

Care Instructions

  • Read the care label for specific instructions.
  • Pre-treat stains before washing.
  • Machine wash with similar colors using a mild detergent.
  • Use a gentle or delicate cycle on the washing machine.
  • Turn the jersey inside out to protect designs.
  • Air dry or use a low heat setting in the dryer.
  • Avoid direct sunlight when drying.
  • Iron on low heat, avoiding printed or embroidered areas.

Shipping & Returns

  • 10 days standard shipping for all customized orders.
  • Enjoy free shipping on bulk orders of 10 or more.
  • Free returns for faulty stitching, printing or quality.
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